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Do you lead a busy lifestyle and want the results of a board and train but don't want to be away from your dog for 3 weeks? The All Terrain may be what you're looking for! Your dog will stay in one of our trainer's homes for 10 days to speed up the training process by laying the foundation work of all the basic commands. We will then catch you up to speed during your send home lesson and 6 private lessons to continue solidifying and proofing your training . If you have a puppy some/all of the lessons can be used pre board and train to build a positive foundation and help curb those pesky puppy behavior.


During the board and train your dog will learn how to sit, lay down, go to a designated place, come, heel, greet people and dogs appropriately, and begin to work around distractions and in new environments. You will receive daily updates of your pups training excursion while they are with us!


During your private lessons we will teach you how to continue building you and your dog's training skill-set working on longer duration, building distance, and around distractions, on and off leash! 

After completing your board and train and one on one lessons you will have access to a lifetime of group lessons to meet with like minded people and their pups all while continuing to build your training skill-set or refresh and fine tune your training. 

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