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Ready to kick your training into high gear? Let us speed up the training for you! Your dog will stay in one of our skilled trainers homes for 3 weeks. They will be a part of our day to day life in and out of the home, working on teaching all commands on and off leash, even around distractions and new environments. In our home we "train as we live", teaching and then incorporating skills such as door manners, holding a place command while we cook, clean, eat dinner; etc. We work on waiting to get in and out of the car when we go on field trips, as well as listening to commands in the home around our other dogs, kids, guests etc. Don't worry, it's not all just work, they will get snuggles, play time with us and our personal dogs, and free time to just hangout or enjoy a bone or food puzzle. 

During the board and train your dog will learn how to sit, lay down, go to a designated place, come, heel, greet people and dogs appropriately, and hold all commands. We will take your pup out to pet stores, dog friendly stores, and parks to work on solidifying their training around distractions and in new environments. You will receive daily updates of your pups training excursion while they are with us!


After their excursion has come to an end you will receive an in depth send home lesson to ensure you know how to properly communicate all of your dogs new skills with them. Two follow up lessons are also included.


After completing your board and train you will have access to a lifetime of group lessons to meet with likeminded people and their pups all while continuing to build your training skillset or refresh and fine tune your training. 

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